Chemical Structure Search Engine Design provides chemical structure search engine and database design for chemical companies.

The searchable feature allows chemists everywhere to navigate through chemicals powered by our search engine, using structural similarity comparison, to generate Structure-Activity-Relationship based purchase list. Soon, you may be surprised by the boost of product inquiry and sales because of this enabling capability.

Small or moderate compound suppliers long longing for the searchable database have been reluctant to move forward because of prohibitory installation cost. This is precisely why we are approaching you to offer this perhaps all-time best deal. We will not bundle unnecessary components to make the package expensive. We help to meet the only basic need: convert your existing steady SDF listing into lively and communicative structures loved by every chemist.

Searchable capability is rapidly becoming an industrial norm that no one wants to be left out. ChemMol understands the trend and your concerns, and will help you overcome technical and cost hurdles to get ahead of the game.

Web Design and Hosting offers a full range of web design services for chemical companies. This includes everything from redesigning your existing page, through creation of small information-style pages, to huge and complex web portals with active content, an integrated, powerful and customized chemical product search engine.

ChemMol dedicated server web hosting provides 99.99999% airtime and an unfailing service to the customer.

ChemMol dedicated server web hosting offers you speed, flexibility, better performance, security more features as well as good support.

Each web hosting and design service is individually priced. If you want to learn more and get a free price offer for your web site, please contact us.
Some examples of our work:

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